debian mkdvdvimage takes an XviD/DivX file and converts it to a DVD-Video image. This can then be burned with a number of tools.


The code can be obtained from CVS and a debian package can be obtained from here on the SourceForge mirrors. The perl scripts that are previously released seperately are now in the scripts/ directory of the source tarball (*.orig.tar.gz. These scripts are (cf. infra) and a number of tool to stretch and adjust srt subtitles ( and

History was always inteded to perform the most used and/or required functionality with a number of options. Though this tool proved to be very useful for a number of persons, it grew complex. As such, only a subset of the functionality was used and the large option based functionality selection made it difficult to get acquited with.

The current approach is to move away from perl and re-write the most important and/or useful things in C. This should be able to make it mmore performant and make it able to adjust to different circumstances. The tools will be bundled under the name writeit.

writeit is a script that makes life easier for burning CDs from the command line, it handles iso, bin/cue, vcd, svcd, blanking CDRW's, ... download from here
A number of simple examples are:

It also enables you to create menus for VCD (tested) and SVCD (to be tested). The current script thas been tested with 1 to 4 mpg files. It creates a menu of 60 seconds long.
You will need the following programs on your system to create the menu and VCD images: Some examples are: I have tried to automate the creation of a DVD-Video disk in the same script, the limitiations are mainly the helper tools that sometimes do not recognise some stream and cannot decode it properly. The result should be a cue/bin file combination you can burn with cdrdoa or with the above mentioned --raw _filename_.cue

In order to keep in the spirit of the previous project, I'll add some screens of futurama. Note that I added (from v0.2 onwards) a parameter to override the default background. The three images show the sampling of the orinal files in the lower images and the highlighting with the episode names.
futurama_menu_screen1 futurama_menu_screen2 futurama_menu_screen3
A demo can be downloaded from here, and shows the first episode of enterprise and an episode if the simpsons (hey, those 45' shows only take 450 out of a possible 800 MB) sampled on a background.

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